Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ace those finals!

By Maura Gergerich, Toppel Peer Advisor
The day every student has been looking forward to the entire semester is almost here; summer vacation! The entire semester summer break has seemed forever away. Now let the realization sink in that its actually only one week from now. BUT in order to get that much needed R&R that comes with the end of the semester, you first have to be able to make it through those finals exams. It might be a struggle and super tempting to blow it all off, but hang in there! 

Take it a little at a time
Studying in small doses is a lot less overwhelming than trying to learn 12 chapters of your textbook in one day. Put some time aside each day to try to lock in all the information that’s going to be on your final. It’s a lot less stressful to know you only have maybe one or two chapters to look over the night before your final.